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We live in an "always on" world where many companies operate 24/7. A world that is smarter and more innovative every day and that makes us curious about what else it has in store. Success in the future is no longer about what data you have at your disposal, but it is about having access to the networks where you can find this data, about how to deal with it and, above all, about what you can do with it. About knowing how to make data work for you.

We realize that the IT world is constantly changing. That only a permanent focus on knowledge and development ensures that you are at the forefront and that you are and remain the expert in the field of mission critical IT.

We make the world a little smarter in everything we do.

About us

What we stand for


BPSOLUTIONS helps organizations to organize their Mission Critical IT in a way that makes the organization smarter and therefore can make progress. Companies literally cannot carry out their "mission" if something goes wrong with this data. This makes Mission Critical IT perhaps the most valuable asset of a company. Something that must be safeguarded and, in addition, must be able to be fully exhausted. On the one hand, we ensure that IT is and remains up and running and on the other hand, with Data Analytics and AI, we ensure that companies are ready for the future, with which data really works for the organization. BPSOLUTIONS can completely unburden organizations with tailor-made advice based on the full business implication of a solution and service. Our specific, in-depth knowledge in the field of data-driven Hybrid Multi Cloud data architectures, Business Continuity, Data Analytics and AI and our 24/7 Operations Control Center (OCC), gives us a unique position in the field of Mission Critical IT in the Netherlands .


At BPSOLUTIONS we apply four core values: TOGETHER, GETTING IT DONE MENTATILITY, FLEXIBLE, TRANSPARENCY. This is reflected in our open, direct, respectful, dynamic and progressive culture. We value your own input, focus on personal growth and offer you the opportunity to get the best out of yourself. Above all, we are reliable, open, honest and transparent, towards each other, towards our customers and our partners. We want to be better "than the rest" and above all excel in customer and employee satisfaction. It is not without reason that our customers appreciate our services with an exceptionally high NPS of 87 and there is very little turnover in our team! We adopt change, work in agile teams, have solid, customer-oriented and assurance processes, and work with state of the art technology. We offer our colleagues the space to organize their own time and expect you as a professional to make the right mix between being in the office, working from home and with clients. Our office offers you the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues and to meet and network. In addition, we have all the functionality to be able to work efficiently at home or any other random place. As of January 2021, we are located in a state of the art, modern office location in Utrecht Papendorp. In short; we provide the resources and atmosphere to perform optimally and to function optimally for you and us.

Our core values

What binds us

  1. Together - We believe in the power of together. By working together, we create the best insights. By combining our expertise (internally and externally) we achieve more.

  2. Flexible - No organization and challenge is the same. The complexity of the Mission Critical IT environment requires a flexible approach. Only then can we guarantee an optimum solution and 100% satisfaction. We are flexible and adapt to the customer.

  3. Getting it done mentality - Our drive and commitment go so far that we always find a suitable solution for everything. Guaranteed.

  4. Transparency - The way in which you work is transparent, open and honest. We create a pleasant and constructive way of working and are always ready for the customer.


What can you expect of us?

  • Customer Focus & Quality
  • Personal Development
  • Attractive employee conditions

The great thing about working at BPSOLUTIONS is that it is a healthy organization, which means there is plenty of room for innovation, which is being monetized in a controlled manner for customers. This allows us to help our customers to increase their distinctive character.

Mark Jansen
Service Strategy Consultant

What we do



Papendorpseweg 99, Utrecht, The Netherlands


BPSOLUTIONS is stituated at SECOYA, Business Park Papendorp in Utrecht.

Who we are

The people behind our company

Eric Lokhorst
Technical Consultant
Jurgen Mulder
Technical Consultant
Hans-Peter Smits
Client Executive
Thomas Braakman
Client Service Manager
Gert Jan Akkerman
Team Lead Mission Critical
Stefan Folkerts
Cloud Strategy & Design Architect
Mark de Groot
Ronald van Heek
Chief Commercial Officer
Alma van Ramele
Finance & Administration
Michael Maijen
Mission Critical Engineer
Bo-Nathan London
Cloud Strategy & Design Architect
Mark Koetsier
Technical Consultant
Louis Joosse
Service Strategy Consultant
Mark Jansen
Service Strategy Consultant
Xander Siliakus
Technical Consultant
Peter Strijbosch
Technical Consultant
Dirk Verhoeff
Mission Critical Engineer
Lot van Wegen
Chief Marketing Officer
Rick Schouten
Head of Finance
Anouk Zuure
Executive Assistant



Let's create a smarter future, together!