Data Scientist

Job description

Data Scientist

BPSOLUTIONS has ambitious growth targets. We want to further expand our position in the field of Data & AI. To speed this up, we are looking for an experienced Data Scientist.


BPSOLUTIONS helps organizations to set up their Mission Critical IT. Our activities focus on the up and running of those IT systems that companies need to carry out their "mission", their primary production or services. As a result of which the organization becomes smarter and can therefore make progress. Companies literally cannot carry out their "mission" if something goes wrong with this data. This makes Mission Critical IT with the associated data perhaps the most valuable asset of a company. Something that must be safeguarded and, in addition, it must be possible to fully utilize it.

On the one hand, we ensure that IT is and remains up and running and on the other hand, with Data Analytics and AI, we ensure that companies are ready for the future, with which data really works for the organization. The Data and AI team of BPSOLUTIONS develops data related business opportunities for organizations. In which we completely unburden organizations with tailor-made advice and implementation for business and IT. Our qualities in the field of data analytics & AI, in combination with specific, in-depth knowledge in the field of data-driven Hybrid Multi Cloud data architectures, Business Continuity, Data Analytics and AI and our 24/7 Operations Control Center (OCC), provides us a unique position in the field of Mission Critical IT in the Netherlands.


This is reflected in our open, direct, respectful, dynamic and progressive culture. We value your own input, focus on personal growth and offer you the opportunity to get the best out of yourself. Above all, we are reliable, open, honest and transparent, towards each other, towards our customers and our partners. We want to be better "than the rest" and above all excel in customer and employee satisfaction. It is not without reason that our customers appreciate our services with an exceptionally high NPS of 87 and there is very little turnover in our team! We adopt change, work in agile teams, have solid, customer-oriented and assurance processes, and work with state of the art technology.
We offer our colleagues the space to organize their own time and expect you as a professional to make the right mix between being in the office, working from home and with clients. Our office offers you the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues and to meet and network. In addition, we have all the functionality to be able to work efficiently at home or any other random place. BPSOLUTIONS is located in a state of the art, modern office location in Utrecht Papendorp. In short; we provide the resources and atmosphere to perform optimally and to function optimally for you and us.


We are currently looking for an experienced Data Scientist to help our Data & AI team to achieve further growth.

Job description Data Scientist

As a Data Scientist you dig deep into the data that is available. You extract patterns from data, test hypotheses, tackle more complex issues and build and implement models in practice. The result is that you help our customer to turn data into information that leads to impact for the customer.
You know how to stimulate and involve your stakeholders in the right way. By applying different communication styles, you are able to properly convey ideas and results. You always have an outlook and follow the market on new (Big) data related topics and translate findings into concrete possibilities for the customer. You participate in initiatives related to innovation and data that are relevant to the customer and you independently maintain relationship networks about this.
As a data scientist, have you earned your (first) “spurs” and are you looking for a challenging next step in a changing environment? Then read on!

Your responsibilities

You will work as a Data Scientist within a team of passionate employees. You will have to deal with complex issues in this position. You work for different clients, which makes the work very diverse. In concrete terms, this means that you prepare data for conducting analytical studies. You apply statistical methods and machine learning models to obtain insights from data (structured & unstructured). You are the stable factor within the team, you help the team on a mathematical and technical level and ensure that the knowledge in the team reaches a higher level. You are the driving force who improves the service where possible, because customers and quality are of paramount importance.

Do you fit within our team?

  • Do you understand our business, do you know the solutions, services and the market?
  • Do you have analytical thinking, are you assertive and communicative?
  • Do you have creativity, passion for IT and are you energetic and do you enjoy your job?
  • You must have intrinsic motivation, be able to work systematically and purposefully;
  • You have an eye for detail, you are a team player, a leader, have a high favor factor and are always looking for new opportunities;
  • You have a High Performance attitude and radiate energy and commitment.

What do we have to offer you?

  • Nice colleagues to work with at a high level within the mission critical IT;
  • A pleasant, open, respectful working environment, where fun, progressiveness and a getting it done mentality prevail;
  • Excellent salary and benefits;
  • Room to do business and give direction;
  • The opportunity to develop as a person and as a professional.

Job requirements

Do you have:

  • Completed technical university education (or PhD) preferably in the direction of Econometrics, Computer Science, Mathematics or a related study;
  • At least 4 years of experience as a Data Scientist;
  • Experience with machine learning, neural networks and time series;
  • Experience with different languages, at least SQL and Python, experience with Windows, Linux, various data science platforms and tooling.
  • Affinity with visualisations (for example with Power Bi or Tableau);
  • Insight into and understanding of business processes;
  • Insight into and understanding of "the bigger picture" with regard to Big Data;
  • Good command of the Dutch language.