Client Manager / Account Manager

Job description

Client Manager | Account Manager

BPSOLUTIONS has ambitious growth targets. We want to further expand our position in Mission Critical IT. To accelerate this, we are looking for several Client Managers.


BPSOLUTIONS helps organizations to set up their Mission Critical IT in a way that makes the organization smarter and therefore can make progress. We do this by ensuring on the one hand that Mission Critical IT is always up-and-running and performing optimally, and on the other hand we ensure that organizations are ready for the future with Data Analytics and AI, with which data really going to work for them. In everything we do, we make the world a little bit smarter.

Mission Critical IT

Data is one of the most important elements of any organization. If this data is not available to the organization at the right speed and at the right cost, it will not be able to carry out its 'mission'.

Always on

At BPSOLUTIONS, we believe that Mission Critical IT should always be available. If this is not available, organizations cannot actually carry out their 'mission'. It's also where we add the most value to the business. We are not only a trusted advisor and a trusted provider of hybrid cloud and managed services and IT infrastructure solutions. We are part of our customers' value chain. This means they can build based on our understanding of the underlying data, applications, IT infrastructure and operations.

Hybrid Cloud and Managed Services

We always keep Mission Critical IT up and running and performing optimally, ensure data is safe and make IT future-proof. By designing and implementing smart IT infrastructure and Hybrid Cloud platforms and the Managed Services we offer, many medium-sized and large companies and institutions can build on an extremely available, optimally performing IT landscape.

100% fanscore 

With an impressive 100% Fanscore / NPS and a 9.2 customer satisfaction, our customers appreciate our expertise, skills and customer-oriented approach.

Nr. 1 Managed Services Provider in The Netherlands

To optimally secure and manage Hybrid Cloud platforms and data, BPSOLUTIONS offers optimal availability and performance with its technology portfolio and services. With our 24x7 high-quality expert teams, we can offer a 100% guarantee in continuity, availability and customer satisfaction.
And above all: “if a problem occurs: we solve it!”. Our people, our processes, our expertise and commitment to the success of our customers set us apart from other service providers. We always keep the Mission Critical IT 'up and running' and make it 'future proof'.

In 2021, BPSOLUTIONS was ranked highest in all areas in the annual Giarte ITXperience monitor for Managed Services Providers.
BPSOLUTIONS has achieved the highest score on, among others, Customer Delight (92), Competencies (94), Customer Focus (93) and Satisfaction with Managed Services (9.2). This is a very high score that we at BPSOLUTIONS are very proud of and reflects our commitment to our customers.

How do we work?

At BPSOLUTIONS we have four important core values:


This is reflected in our open, direct, respectful, dynamic and progressive culture. We value your own contribution, aim for personal growth and encourage you to get the best out of yourself. Above all, we are reliable, open, honest and transparent, towards each other, towards our customers and our partners. We want to be better “than the rest” and excel in both customer satisfaction (NPS) and employee satisfaction (eNPS).

It is not for nothing that our customers appreciate our services with an exceptionally high NPS of 92, we have a 100% fan score and there is little turnover in our team! We adopt change, work in an 'agile' manner as much as possible, have thorough, customer-oriented and securing processes and work with state-of-the-art technology.

Our centrally located office offers you the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues, meet customers and partners and network. In addition, we have all the functionalities in house to work efficiently at home or at any other place. BPSOLUTIONS is centrally located in a modern office in Utrecht, SECOYA Business Park. In short, we provide the means to perform and function optimally. In addition, atmosphere is very important to us. We all spend a lot of time and energy in our work and it is therefore super important to ensure that this is challenging and fun in an environment where there is a pleasant and respectful atmosphere.
BPSOLUTIONS also strives for exclusivity. We want to be a good employer and provide a safe working environment for everyone who works for us and with whom we work.

Job description Client Manager

As a Client Manager you are responsible for planning, creating, qualifying and developing business relationships and closing transactions and contracts with existing and new clients. On behalf of BPSOLUTIONS, you bear ultimate responsibility for the accounts assigned to you (customers and prospects). Sales Consultants and all persons with a (technical) pre-sales function support you in your role as Client Manager. You report directly to the CCO. You also have a lot of contact with technical consultants, the marketing and operations teams.

What are your responsibilities?

You are responsible for, among other things:

  • Maintaining and expanding the relationship with a number of existing customers.
  • Creating needs and opportunities among the business managers and IT managers of our customers and prospects.
  • Achieving sales and margin targets.
  • Realizing the NPS objectives.
  • Following up on marketing qualified leads (MQLs) from our account-based marketing engine and converting them into sales qualified leads (SQLs).
  • Converting SQLs into hybrid cloud and managed services opportunities.
  • Closing opportunities by selling on added value.
  • Maintaining close contact with all relevant persons on these accounts ("Multi-level"), so that all current and future "opportunities" are identified in a timely manner and lead to a transaction.
  • You create value for customers by translating their objectives, requirements and wishes into the hybrid cloud and managed services portfolio of BPSOLUTIONS.
  • Gaining and sharing general and specific market sector knowledge.
  • Applying "total account management", which means that all sales, from the transaction to the successful implementation, are tracked and escalated if necessary.
  • Timely and complete reporting on contact moments, agreements, actions, next steps and required support. We work with Salesforce and all matters are recorded in writing / electronically with a copy to the colleagues for whom the information is relevant.
  • Maintaining your network with suppliers, manufacturers and partners.
  • Always looking for new opportunities and making them possible.

Do you fit in our team?

  • You know our business, understand what it is about, have knowledge about solutions, services and the market?
  • Are you analytical, assertive and communicative?
  • Are you passionate, do you have drive, perseverance, are you energetic and do you enjoy your work?
  • Do you enjoy networking by linking content, commitment, mutual respect to fun and success?
  • You must be intrinsically motivated, able to work in a planned and goal-oriented manner.
  • You have an eye for detail, you are a team player, a leader, you have a high gun factor and you are always looking for new opportunities.
  • You have a High Performance attitude and you radiate energy and involvement.
  • You are willing to really go for it, are a go-getter and want to grow together with us

What do we have to offer you

  • An excellent salary, participation in incentive and commission plan, good fringe benefits.
  • Lease car or mobility budget in accordance with function scale (make and type of your choice).
  • Super nice group of dedicated, hardworking colleagues with extensive knowledge and experience to work with, create opportunities and achieve success at a high level within the Mission Critical IT market.
  • A pleasant, open, respectful working environment, where fun, progressiveness and a 'Getting it done' mentality predominate.
  • The background of a stable, reliable highly valued IT service provider that is valued by customers with a 100% fan score and the highest customer satisfaction in the Managed Services domain in the Netherlands.
  • A forward-looking portfolio of services and technology to serve medium and large businesses and organizations.
  • Room to do business, to give direction and to be important internally and externally.
  • The opportunity to continue to develop as a person and as a professional through training and certifications.

What does the process look like?

  • Send your CV and motivation to
  • You will receive a confirmation of receipt and an invitation for an interview within one working day.
  • Your first conversation will be with our CCO, Ronald van Heek.
  • The second conversation will be with one of our Strategy Consultants, Mark Jansen and with one of your possible sales colleagues, Bas Wierda.
  • Your closing conversation will be with CEO, Mark de Groot.
  • A reference check can be part of the process.
  • Lead time will normally be two to three weeks.

Mail your resume and motivation to If you have any questions, please contact Anouk Zuure.

Job requirements

What are we looking for in you?

  • HBO working and thinking level.
  • Ambition, drive and a strong commercial insight with a sales style that is focused on the long term. You know how to identify, analyze and convert the needs of a customer into concrete solutions.
  • The "x factor" and healthy team spirit.
  • Active networking skills. You have a good network with customers, distributors and suppliers.
  • Broad general knowledge, fed by curiosity about current market developments and ICT developments.
  • Relevant IT knowledge within the domains of IT Infrastructure, Hybrid Cloud, Managed Services, Datacenter, Server, Storage, Virtualization, Business Continuity, Data Protection and Networking.
  • The ambition to grow professionally and to develop personally, including through feedback from others, a proactive attitude and the creativity to continuously improve professional knowledge and sales techniques.
  • Good communication and social skills, requiring a good command of the Dutch and English language.
  • Stress tolerance and willingness to perform under hectic conditions and to continue outside “normal” hours until the job is done.
  • Passion and intrinsic motivation to be successful and succeed in a high performance culture.